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London X City reports on What Really Happened During the Ex-JLS Star Ortise Williams’ Rape Case?

September 21, 2018

What Really Happened During the Ex-JLS Oritse Williams’ Rape Case?

For many, being catapulted to stardom, success and glory is a dream come true. For some –it quickly turns sour. This was indeed the truth for one Oritse Williams; a former JLS bandmate who quickly became the hot topic for scandal and speculation, London X City reports.

What Was Ortise Williams Charged for?

Williams was charged for sexually assaulting a 20-year-old waitress after one his gigs at Wolverhampton. Williams was officially arrested in December 2nd, 2016 along with his friend Jamie Nagadhana to facilitate ongoing investigation. It wasn’t long for both Williams and Nagadhana to post up bail, which then allowed them to walk free. However, London X City reports the cold case being cracked up open once more with both men being charged once more over the same 2016 –but this time on the September 12th 2018. Both Williams and Nagadhana are set to appear before the court of law on October 11th for sexual offences involving assault by penetration.

The female victim and her friend were both Ortise and JLS fans who went to visit Williams and Nagadhana after their gig. The duo then went back to the hotel room with the JLS members after being invited. Just right after they left, one of the girls went back upstairs to retrieve the purse she’d forgotten –when she then claimed to be raped and assaulted by Williams and Nagadhana.

What Was the Feedback?
Right off the bat, the media went wild. Several news outlets had tried to contact the alleged victim but to no avail –and her identity still remains a mystery. Williams, JLS and his management continued to refute any statements of this allegation, but it was much too late. The damage was done and the response of the public overwhelming. Although Williams continued to be active on social media and walk around on bail, his charity work suffered and he stepped back from his efforts in many societies. London X City reports that he even took a mini 16-week social media break before posting a picture of him posing with the Black Eyed Peas.

During this time, JLS band members however, took a stand for their ex-team. Aston Merrygold went on to Instagram to show his love and support for Williams and Nagadhana. He posted a photo of their ?X-factor’ audition and captioned it with words describing the pair as ?selfless, humble and hardworking’ before professing his ultimate loyalty to his friends.

There still remains much to be decided on and analyzed before the October court case. Both Williams and Nagadhana have remained relatively low-key since the announcement of the September charge. Their management however insists on avoiding speculation and mere heresy; in order to respect the privacy of all parties involved in the case and instead allow authorities to do their jobs.
Ortise was part of mega boyband JLS, reaching monumental success in early 2013. The band released their greatest hits compilation in 2013; followed by a goodbye tour around the country. JLS has gained not just local fame, but sold over ten million albums worldwide. After they split however, Williams continued to pursue a career of his own and even collaborating with American artists to come up with songs. As of the moment, London X City reports that Williams is not married but does have one child with ex-girlfriend Aimee Azari.