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Kanye West and His Political Statements

October 27, 2018

Kanye West and His Political Statements

Kanye has had success in the world of rap for many years but he also loves his country and wants the best for it. He recently went to the White House to tell President Trump what he – the president – could do better to make America great again. This meeting or launch was truly interesting, and we will let you know what this event was all about. This will allow you to truly have fun right away, and that will be truly awesome for you down the line too.

Kanye West is making a lot of strong statements out there about the political situation in America. He is a man who wants the best for his country because he said so on Instagram. He was talking about the jobs and how America could become a better country once again. Well, his wife is furious at the things he is talking about. London X City can confirm she is worried about the future of her kids because anything might happen to them due to the political statements that Kanye has  stated. She loves her kids and wants the best for them, and this woman is truly worried.

Kim is really worried about the statements of that this artist is spreading all over the world. She does not want that her kids be damaged by any sick weirdo out there. We know what a sick person could try to hurt Kanye`s family because of his words. London X City feels we have to think about what Kanye did after talking about accepting what Trump has been doing for America. What did he do? He deleted his Twitter and  Instagram accounts. This is something to think about, and that is truly part of this mess.
Defending Trump, Kanye went to the White House a couple of days ago to support Trump. What? Yes, he did this and you might be surprised by some things he said. Kanye is a rapper, but he is also an American who wants the best for this fellow citizens at all times. The U.S. President was delighted because of the things Kanye said. Mr. Trump loves this kind of support because it makes things easier for the White House over time. The people will be more inclined to follow suit when Trump speaks here and there. This is something truly good for America and the world.

Kanye West has been doing a lot of good things in his life, but he has also done truly great things these days. This rapper has just talked with President Trump to let him know about the jobs and what Mr. Trump can do to make the life of African-Americans better down the line. Well, Mr. West`s wife has been worried about the safety of her kids, and she said so to the public via the press. Well, she should be worried because anything can happen in this world, and we have to protect ourselves from bad people all the time.

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