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Fun for Teenage Girls in London

May 20, 2019

Fun for Teenage Girls in London

When you live in London, you know that bringing up a teenager in London can be rather challenging. With the high incidence of crime in London such as knife crime, it is a good idea not to let your teenage daughter stray too far from home. If you are a resident London mom, or have just moved to London, you may be wondering how you can keep your teenage daughter safe and occupied at the same time. 

Rowing Clubs in London

Your daughter does not need to be an aspiring Oxford or Cambridge student to join a rowing club on the River Thames. In recent years, rowing clubs along the Thames have had a hard time when it comes to recruiting members. It is not a very expensive hobby, but it will keep your teen busy after school or on Saturday morning. A great hobby for the entire family as a matter of fact and also a good to get daddy involved with some family activities. 

Running Clubs in London

Running clubs in London is another inexpensive way to get your daughter into sports. Most of them have special runs for teenagers, and your teen will always be supervised. This is another great way to get out and meet other teenagers of the same age. Running clubs often arrange competitions and travel to other places to run or compete. Another great after-school activity or Saturday morning activity in the company of responsible adults who often have a passion for the sport.

Craft and Art in London

In recent years a plethora of crafts and art centres have sprung up in London. Not all teens are sporty, and you will just have to face facts that your teen may not want to get involved with sports. Maybe you have a budding artist in your family who would just love to get her hands on a canvas or two. Painting is often a fantastic activity for a teen who may face mental health issues such as autism. 

A range of activities are on offer, and many teens really seem to enjoy learning something new. Learning to paint can be a gift that stays with you for the rest of your life.

Finally, don’t forget to make dad a part of all of this. Some men do have a habit of “stepping away” from their teenage daughters. They may feel a little bit removed when she puts on mascara for the first time and dyes her hair different colours. Fortunately, I have managed to get hold of one who takes it all in his stride. 

 There is nothing as satisfying as watching him coming down the river in a rowing boat with a girl with turquoise curls telling him that she will definitely need a BMW when she goes to university, and perhaps, he could take her shoe shopping this afternoon while mom goes for 2 for 1 cocktails in So Bar Richmond with her friends. What a good girl she is. Well, most of the time…