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Is Boris Johnson a Fall Guy?

July 1, 2019

Is Boris Johnson a Fall Guy?

Boris Johnson seems to find it surprisingly easy to pick up votes in the race to become the next British PM. It really does make you wonder why Conservative voters are so keen to elect. After all, this is a political party in crisis. Many political analysts are starting to wonder if there is something else going in the Conservative party. Looking at the party is as stands at the moment, it is more than likely they would struggle to win the next UK election.

Brexit has not helped the fortunes of the Conservative party, what has brexit really done for London?. Many members feel that it has been completely mishandled and think the current PM has made a real hash out of it. That goes for the general UK electorate as well. Former steadfast Conservative voters are beginning to abandon the party and look for alternatives instead. Many of who have voted for their local Conservative MP in the past are now switching their loyalties to other parties such as the Brexit party or the Liberals.

What does this mean for the Conservative party? It may mean that they are looking for a scapegoat to blame if everything goes belly up in the next election. After all, the former London mayor Boris Johnson can come across as a bit of a babbling bufon. With his silly ideas and over the top personality, he would be the perfect person to blame if the Conservative party lose their majority in the next election. 

Who is Boris Johnson really? Like so many other politicians, this head of blond hair was educated at Eton. He often uses this to promote himself and he seems to think that this makes him the ideal candidate for the job. However, you need to ask yourself what the rest of the UK and the world think about Boris Johnson. Many EU leaders can’t really make him out and do wonder if they are going to be able to negotiate with him should he become the next UK PM. One thing is for sure, they had better keep a good record of what he says. Mr. Johnson does have a tendency to change his mind and make the most outrageous claims when it comes down to it. 

Is he crazy? No, Boris Johnson is not crazy. As a matter of fact, Boris Johnson is pretty smart. He speaks many languages and has a pretty good idea on how to sell himself. But, this has also lead many British people to wonder if he is the British version of Donald Trump? With two failed marriages and a string of children, it seems that he is not very different from the flamboyant American Potus. He even plays golf and that could come in handy to strengthen that special relationship between the UK and the US. But could it be that President Trump is another fall guy? In the world of politics, it can be hard to tell according to