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Weight loss

Why visit London X City by Maccus

October 4, 2018

London X City Recently, most people don’t want to waste time. Actually, I think so that. So I am surfing on ‘ LONDON X CITY’ .com. There are articles about everything. You will find everything from fashion and beauty to Read More…

Cosmetic surgery; the two possible outcomes.

January 7, 2017

Cosmetic surgery; the two possible outcomes. Do you sometimes feel like you could look better than you do now? Do you want to achieve great enhancement? Well, perhaps you need to seek cosmetic surgery. Delving into the topic of cosmetic Read More…

The truth about fad diets- is there really a quick fix to loosing weight?

January 7, 2017

The truth about fad diets- is there really a quick fix to loosing weight? Are you working on losing weight? Has your desperate desire to lose that pound pushed you to the extent that you no longer care whatever trick Read More…

Nutrition advice

January 19, 2016

Food provides a range of different nutrients. Some nutrients provide energy, while others are essential for growth and maintenance of the body. Carbohydrate, protein and fat are macronutrients that we need to eat in relatively large amounts in the diet Read More…

Cancer: foods to avoid?

January 19, 2016

New research suggests that eating everyday foods such as crisps and bread could lead to certain types of cancer. Here, we look at food types that are linked with cancer – and find out if they are best avoided. CRISPS, Read More…

Surgery procedures

January 19, 2016

More than 50,000 cosmetic surgery procedures were performed in the UK last year, according to the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, with liposuction recording a 41% rise The audit which highlights an “impressive double-digit rise in all cosmetic procedures”, Read More…