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Why visit London X City by Maccus

October 4, 2018

London X City Recently, most people don’t want to waste time. Actually, I think so that. So I am surfing on ‘ LONDON X CITY’ .com. There are articles about everything. You will find everything from fashion and beauty to Read More…

World Cup 2018 Update

July 14, 2018

London X City monitors all events in London and beyond including the 2018 World Cup and England successes. The magazine also sees the best players this summer. London X City editor Chloe said, “The World Cup fire has reached the Read More…

Hippie, dippy fashion trends for summer

December 23, 2016

Hippie, dippy fashion trends for summer This year it is time to put some flowers in your hair, and get back in touch with the peace and love moment of the 1970’s. The fashion trends for this summer seem to Read More…