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Love Island Contest Update

July 14, 2018

Imagine the perfect setting: a paradise island, a beautiful villa, young and beautiful people striving to find the perfect match, that is a combination for success…. and love. This year Love Island Contest has all that, and more, with 11 new Read More…

Love Island Contest – Know the Show’s happening via London X City

June 21, 2018

Love Island Contest–Know the Show’s happening via London X City Love Island Contest – Discover the Latest Love Bytes on London X City Love Island Contest series, a great reality show that invites spectacular single contestants to find love or Read More…

4 Socialites that are always making The Headlines

December 23, 2016

In the world of today becoming a celebrity is a fairy tale that only a chosen few get to live through. One of the most idolized category of celebrity in the entertainment world is the socialite. This is regardless of Read More…